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  • Navy SEAL’s parents recount son’s death

    “We got him, dad.” “Got who?” Billy Vaughn asked. “I’m not going to tell you over the phone,” Chief Petty Officer Aaron Vaughn said. “But go turn on the TV in an hour.” Billy Vaughn

  • Obamacare plagues employment

    Beginning this summer, part-time Hillsdale student workers were not able to work 40 hours a week on campus because the Affordable Care Act restricts seasonal hours. Before this legislation, some students worked 40-hour weeks over

  • Records shattered in win against Lake Erie

    Six total touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone. Two Hillsdale touchdowns in the final two minutes to secure the win. If you blinked, you could’ve missed it. The Hillsdale College Chargers matched the Lake Erie


Sigma Chis venture to the Pacific

Junior John Bell works an office job at Jag Industrial & Marine Services in Jonesville, Michigan, but he never imagined that a Sigma Chi connection could land him on the United States’ third largest aircraft carrier

Juli Morgan and dog Max
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Manno mans student activities

Anthony Manno `13 is the new Director of Student Activities and the Grewcock Student Union and he said he has exciting things in store for this year. “I want students to really have a full college

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