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Driving Mr. Sasse

Most job interviews last less than twenty minutes. Peter Staab’s took all day. In August of last year, Staab volunteered his car to drive an obscure Nebraska Republican around the state for a few town-hall meetings


Uses of A Liberal Arts Education 10.30.14
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‘Hillsdale’s Ambassador’ dies

Follow Natalie on Twitter Aimee England, a volunteer, political activist, and dear friend to many in the Hillsdale community, passed away Tuesday morning of surgery complications. “She lived her life in capital letters,” Benita DeRose of

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Freeze: You’re it! Students compete to be best mannequin at the bookstore, win clothing

Sporting shorts, a T-shirt, a shoulder bag, and a sweatshirt tied around her neck, Sophomore Lauren Melcher triumphed in the bookstore’s “Live Mannequin Contest.” On Tuesday, five students lined up in front of the bookstore desk

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Ronna Romney McDaniel: Republicans must win

Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told a group of more than 60 Hillsdale College students that she thinks Terri Lynn Land can still clinch a victory for the Republican Party in the Michigan senate

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Restaurant ministry closes after minimum wage hike

Follow Natalie on Twitter “I got my son back because I worked here. It kept me out of trouble and on the right path,” Hillsdale resident Stacey Osborn said. She was an employee at Tastes of

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Oakley closes: financial troubles plague owner, students disappointed

Follow Macaela on Twitter The doors beneath Oakley Riverside Deli’s bright yellow awning on Hillsdale Street closed for good Friday. After owning Oakley for eight of its 13 years, Sid Halley credited a combination of factors

Oakley Closes After 13 Years

Oakley Closes After 13 Years

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