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Where the Buffalo Roam

Thirty six thousand pounds of bison charge forward as visitors in a wagon approach a 40-acre clearing at the Buffalo Ranch in Hanover, Michigan. After a brief moment of terror for the visitors, the 18 bison


Uses of A Liberal Arts Education 10.16.14
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Hillsdale’s Prince

Former Blackwater CEO left the Naval Academy for the more principled academics of Hillsdale, served the community as a firefighter, loved learning. In 1989, when student Erik Prince of Holland, Michigan moved in across the street

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Student clubs tackle social media

Click. Delete. Repeat. Your student email inbox is full of generic campus messages. Most are probably deleted before being read. Some linger in the inbox for months, unopened and disregarded. So how is a student group

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HEART: Students help keep campus secure

Yesterday, Hillsdale Emergency Action Response Team went downtown to city hall to receive training from the fire department in the areas of natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks as well as power line safety. With recent

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Virology returns to Hillsdale

Assistant Professor of Biology Silas Johnson, a new professor at Hillsdale, is teaching the biology department’s virology course this year. Johnson, a Hillsdale alumnus, recently completed his postdoctoral research at the University of Michigan Medical School

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New GOAL program aims to boost post-secondary education

By 2015, the Hillsdale Community Foundation aims to have an application rate of 60 percent of students applying to any form of post-secondary education. Hillsdale Community Career Access Planning works with area schools to help students

HEART Students Receive Training

HEART Program Meeting

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