Emmaline Epperson

Alumni Visit Campus

When Rosemarie Shultz­ Wright drove on to Hillsdale College’s campus, she didn’t recognize any of the buildings. “I tried to use Central Hall as a reference point, but it was facing a different way than when [...]

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Demolition kicks off remodel

This week, the college made preparations for the summer’s renovations. To clear room for construction equipment, construction crews tore down a garage on the corner of Galloway Drive and West Street. The extensive renovations to Simpson [...]

ID scanners: updates in progress

In the next 10 days, Hillsdale College Security and ITS plan to finish a software upgrade of every ID card reader on campus. The new software, called C­Cure 9000, is more compatible with ITS’ databases than [...]

Breaking the Code

All new Hillsdale students sign the Honor Code in an effort to create a campus free of crimes that plague other college campuses. Recent thefts, however, indicate that students should be more cautious. The Suites and [...]