Emmaline Epperson

Alumni Visit Campus

When Rosemarie Shultz­ Wright drove on to Hillsdale College’s campus, she didn’t recognize any of the buildings. “I tried to use Central Hall as a reference point, but it was facing a different way than when I was here,” she said. Shultz­Wright is one of 43 alumni that has tried to reorient the campus for […]

Demolition kicks off remodel

This week, the college made preparations for the summer’s renovations. To clear room for construction equipment, construction crews tore down a garage on the corner of Galloway Drive and West Street. The extensive renovations to Simpson Residence necessitate space for large construction crews. The update of Simpson is the first of many changes initiated by […]

ID scanners: updates in progress

In the next 10 days, Hillsdale College Security and ITS plan to finish a software upgrade of every ID card reader on campus. The new software, called C­Cure 9000, is more compatible with ITS’ databases than the old software. The databases contain which students have access to which buildings. For instance, the database would inform […]

Breaking the Code

All new Hillsdale students sign the Honor Code in an effort to create a campus free of crimes that plague other college campuses. Recent thefts, however, indicate that students should be more cautious. The Suites and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house in particular, have seen an increase in burglary. Director of Campus Security Bill […]

Claire Underwood is no feminist

Netflix’s original series “House of Cards” portrays the darkest side of American politics. It’s difficult to find a character to root for because every character oozes depravity. Claire Underwood, the wife of the show’s fictional vice president, is no exception. On Feb. 14, Jezebel called Claire Underwood, a “feminist warrior.” The article cites Claire’s bill […]

Out of the library and into the fire

Freshman Frank Manning had every intention of attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis; however, when he visited Hillsdale College during his senior year, one interaction with President Larry Arnn changed his mind. “He asked me whether it was more important to learn how to fight or when to fight,” Manning said. Although he chose Hillsdale […]

Hillsdale grad booted off ‘The Bachelor’

There are always tears on the first night of the reality show “The Bachelor.” After months of training, the bachelor releases a few girls just hours after they arrive at the Bachelor Mansion. Hillsdale College grad Amy Jokinen, ’04, was one of the unlucky candidates not to receive a rose in episode one. Despite her […]

Defense expert partners with Hillsdale

Class began promptly at 7:15 p.m. At 7:20, there was still no sign of the professor. When the clock hit 7:30, a student got a call from him. He got caught up at work and would arrive shortly. Finally, Professor Todd Lowery came bumbling into the room at 8:00. Lowery apologized for his tardiness. It […]

You call this a shutdown?

On Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. the United States Federal government shut down. The country woke up and panicked because the National Park System and the panda cam at the National Zoo had closed. Rep. Nancy Pelosi almost cried on the House floor when envisioning all the House staffers who would supposedly go hungry on Wednesday. […]

Track earns 2nd, 3rd in home meet

On Saturday, April 13, the Hillsdale College track and field team hosted an invitational for eight teams at Hillsdale’s Ken Herrick Track. The meet was plagued with bad weather, including light snow and sleet. The men’s team earned third place, proceeded by Michigan Technological University and Grand Valley State University. The women’s team placed second, […]