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Evan Brune

Q&A: Charles Cooke, a gun-loving Brit

National Review Staff Writer Charles Cooke is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he studied modern history and politics. He writes on the Second Amendment, Anglo-American history, free speech, and American Exceptionalism. He is

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Heroes of Hillsdale: William Whitney

The men of the 11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry sat behind their hastily­ built defenses of dirt, stone, and wood, watching the swirling mass of gray in the distance. After failing to break through the Union line

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Davis Middle School renovates entrance

Davis Middle School, built in 1929, will undergo renovations from mid-July through early August to improve the visibility and security of the main entrance and office area. Approximately $250,000 will be used this summer to improve

Frederick Douglass statue in the works

Hillsdale College is in the process of commissioning a statue of famed 19th-century orator Frederick Douglass. Chief Staff Officer to the President Mike Harner said the college has not set a time for when the statue

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