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Evan Brune

Veterans’ association hosts discussion panel

Last night, faculty members clashed over the topic of the United States as world arbiter. The panel, sponsored by the Hillsdale College Student Veterans Association, consisted of Associate Professor of Politics John Grant, Associate Professor of

Fighting cabin fever: businesses come together to offer activities

The cure for cabin fever is here in Hillsdale. Two local businesses, David’s Dolce Vita and Toasted Mud, are teaming up to create the “Cabin Fever Series,” events that take the foci of different businesses and

Alphas and civil wars

It all started with a name. In the fall of 1857, a name split the Ciceronian Society in half. One side wanted to continue using their original title, while the other advocated for a new title

Mr. T’s Ride

Science Lab Director Ted Miller, affectionately known as “Mr. T” by his students, works and plays more than most. He is on his second career, having taught at Hillsdale for ten years after a 30-year career

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