Evan Brune

Heroes of Hillsdale: William Whitney

The men of the 11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry sat behind their hastily­ built defenses of dirt, stone, and wood, watching the swirling mass of gray in the distance. After failing to break through the Union line, the Confederate infantry readied to attack again. But the men of the 11th had a problem: they were out […]

Davis Middle School renovates entrance

Davis Middle School, built in 1929, will undergo renovations from mid-July through early August to improve the visibility and security of the main entrance and office area. Approximately $250,000 will be used this summer to improve the frontside of Davis on 30 N. West Street. “The Davis School remodel is in the architect’s planning stage. […]

Frederick Douglass statue in the works

Hillsdale College is in the process of commissioning a statue of famed 19th-century orator Frederick Douglass. Chief Staff Officer to the President Mike Harner said the college has not set a time for when the statue might be dedicated, but typically, a dedication ceremony comes 12-15 months after a statue is commissioned. The statue will […]

DAAD scholar Emily Goodling

In four years at Hillsdale, Senior Emily Goodling went from barely speaking German to receiving the DAAD scholarship. “It’s the equivalent of the Fulbright in Germany,” Assistant Professor of German Fred Yaniga said. DAAD stands for Deutscher Academischer Austausch Dienst, or German Academic Exchange Service. “It is the most prestigious scholarship in international studies,” Professor […]

Fall Pulliam Fellow announced

The Dow Journalism Program presents journalist David Satter as the fall 2014 Eugene C. Pulliam Visiting Fellow. Satter recently became the first American journalist to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War. He will be on campus from Oct. 6-17 to give a public lecture and teach a one-credit course. Satter graduated from the […]

Heroes of Hillsdale: Mary Blackmar

The cry came from the other side of the tent flap as the orderly rushed in. “President Lincoln is coming!” A wail erupted from the beds of the Confederate wounded. “Oh, don’t leave us, Miss! He is a beast! He will kill us!” “Oh, no. He is a grand good man,” Mary Blackmar replied. Again, […]

Heroes of Hillsdale: Moses Luce

The deafening roar of musket fire came to a climax as Sgt. Moses Luce reached the Confederate line. He looked around and saw only two men out of the seven he had brought with him still standing. Above the sounds of the battle, he heard a trumpet call. “Retreat,” he thought. He ran back across […]

Publisher to speak Tuesday

Marji Ross, president of conservative publishing house Regnery Publishing, is coming to campus to speak on the topic, “How to Write a Best Seller.” The talk will be in Dow A&B on March 25 at 8 p.m. Ross has led Regnery Publishing for 12 years, during which time the company placed 48 books on the […]

Early spring break explained

This year’s early spring break was the result of planning between the college staff, faculty, and the registrar’s office. “It only appeared early,” Provost David Whalen said. “In fact, it was as close to the halfway point as we could reasonably make it.” Spring break of 2014 began on March 7, while last year’s spring […]

DSP: Road to home

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity lost its house more than two years ago due to a range of violations, including possession of alcohol. Now, the men of DSP are on their way to reclaiming their home. An agreement between Dean of Men Aaron Petersen and the chapter states that an accreditation score of 80 or higher […]