Kate Olson

The last hurrah

Alright folks! Well, you’ve almost done it. You’ve almost finished another year at Hillsdale- “Assign-Me-Another-Paper-Because-I-Can-Take-It” College. If you’re a senior, you have really accomplished something. You have survived four years at this place. I hope you can walk away knowing you poured your soul into this time spent studying and growing.

Looking ahead to true leisure

Kate’s take

Enraged about the engaged

Dear Kate,
I recently got engaged. While it’s nice to have finally taken that big step, it’s very hard to be in the state of relationship limbo now….

Reading days: for reading, not love

Dear Kate, I have a question about love. I’m a freshman and I think I met my soul mate this weekend. That reading day couldn’t have come at a better time. We spent the day walking around hand-in-hand, cuddling in the Grewcock Student Union, watching movies, and playing video games. You said that our task […]

Kate’s take: PDA hater – valid?

I have a conundrum. This is a silent, beautiful, nuzzling conundrum. The most god-like of couples — truly dear people — across campus have resorted to expressions of their tenderness that are, distracting at best and disturbing at worst.

Kate’s Take: A question for you

Dear Fellow Students,