Sally Nelson

Garrett West presents paper at UNC conference

When junior Garrett West presented a paper on Medieval philosophy at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, a student said they’d never met a theist who could actually have a conversation about philosophy. “Being there really made me appreciate me being at HIllsdale. I recognize how rare the sort of education we receive here […]

K2: dealing in drugs

Two weeks ago, The Collegian reported on a Camden, Mich., couple facing life in prison after being charged with six felonies each, including the delivery of more than 1,000 grams of a controlled substance and maintaining a drug house. Douglas Dean Cardwell was vomiting repeatedly when officers from the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office and the […]

Local prosecutors launch assault on synthetic marijuana

They made $191,791 in under two months while pretending to sell tattoos and supplies in Camden, Mich., a town of barely 500 people. But Penny Hawkins, manager of The Clubhouse restaurant, said that everyone knew what the couple was really doing. “Cars came with liscense plates from Ohio and Indiana,” she said. “They spent two […]

Capturing the moment

Award-winning wedding photographer Casey Fatchett ’97 came to Hillsdale to study physics, left with degrees in theatre and English, and ended up pursuing wedding photography as a career. When Fatchett graduated, he went to New York to pursue acting. But then his friends from school started getting married. “I would take my camera and shoot […]

Beyoncé is no feminist

Inexplicably, the queen has become a feminist icon. Last year, “British Vogue” gave her cover space as a “modern-day feminist.” Just two weeks ago, the hip-hop singer  wrote an essay called “Gender Equality is a Myth” for Maria Shriver’s latest installment of The Shriver Report, a women-focused media initiative. But nothing about Beyoncé’s music promotes […]

Student union water pipe bursts

A sprinkler line burst in the south entry to the Grewcock Student Union on Wednesday at 3:05 p.m. What started as a few drops quickly turned into a flood of water that collapsed ceiling tiles, flooded the entrance and seeped out from underneath the door into the student activities office and the union itself. “Come […]

Community to host benefit for family of deceased

The Historic Dawn Theater will host a benefit concert for recently deceased Hillsdale resident, Jake Lodgeman, this Saturday, Feb. 1. Funds raised will be given to Logeman’s family and girlfriend, Tiffany Lambright. “Jake was a really neat guy. Everybody loved him,” said Peg Williams, Logeman’s former coworker at the Dawn Theater. Logeman worked as a […]

Arresting beauty: Daughtrey exhibits ‘Perspectives on Photography’

When Andy Dufresne, acted by Tim Robbins, plays an angelically beautiful opera aria over the prison PA system in “The Shawshank Redemption,” the camera pans across hundreds of convicts in the prison yard standing enraptured by the music. Photographer Mark James says that is what he wants to do with his photography. “I want beauty […]

Photography show opens in the Daughtry Gallery

Showing a mixture of fine art, commercial, and journalistic photography, “Perspectives on Photography” opened last Saturday in the Daughtrey Gallery with a presentation and reception the following day. This show is the first exhibit in the Hillsdale College Art department’s Professional Artists Series this spring. The exhibit, running until Friday, Feb. 14, features four photographers: […]

The corncob in the government’s eye

America is fat. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. At current rates, half of the nation will be morbidly fat by 2030. Not only does obesity cause many health problems, like heart disease and high blood pressure, but extra pounds also amplify genetic issues like diabetes and cancer. Politicians seek to girdle […]