Sally Nelson

Garrett West presents paper at UNC conference

When junior Garrett West presented a paper on Medieval philosophy at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, a student said they’d never met a theist who could actually have a conversation about philosophy. “Being there [...]

K2: dealing in drugs

Two weeks ago, The Collegian reported on a Camden, Mich., couple facing life in prison after being charged with six felonies each, including the delivery of more than 1,000 grams of a controlled substance and maintaining [...]

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Local prosecutors launch assault on synthetic marijuana

They made $191,791 in under two months while pretending to sell tattoos and supplies in Camden, Mich., a town of barely 500 people. But Penny Hawkins, manager of The Clubhouse restaurant, said that everyone knew what [...]

Capturing the moment

Award-winning wedding photographer Casey Fatchett ’97 came to Hillsdale to study physics, left with degrees in theatre and English, and ended up pursuing wedding photography as a career. When Fatchett graduated, he went to New York [...]